The Weekend Writing Warriors share 8 sentences over the weekend.

Here are mine (edited to fit) from Exhibition


 The autumn night was crisp but he’d been bracing since he heard her voice.

“I wanted to see you,” she whispered.

“No you didn’t. Wanting to see me is picking up the phone, and telling me you’re going to be in town.”

“Why do you make it so hard?” A tear rolled down her cheek.

She was so beautiful it glittered like a goddamn diamond in the moonlight. He curled his fist to stop from reaching out and touching her.

© Nicolette Hugo

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36 thoughts on “#8sunday

  1. This hurts in such a beautiful way. Your words are so clean yet cut right to my heart. In only a few lines I yearn for these people you write. Magic.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL….actually you want him to let this girl go so he can have the one he really should be with…but I love that the connection is still there between them when you read it…thanks for the feedback ❤ ❤


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