The Weekend Writing Warriors  and The Nuthouse Scribblers blog and share a weekend snippet from a work in progress.

Here is mine from Exhibition

Panties Collage 2

“I think you’d like to hike your skirt up and show yourself to me even more, wouldn’t you?”

Eyes still closed, this time Grace did shiver as Jason’s suggestion cut through her reverie. Hands on her upper thighs, her fingers with a will of their own started crimping the black skirt inch-by-inch from above her knee until it sat bunched in the crease of her lap. Only then did she open her heavy-lidded eyes and look unflinchingly into the blue-on-blue stare that had been watching her face, probably the whole time, and not the revealing of her panties.

“Perfect.” A slow smile before his eyes just as lazily traveled down her body and rested between her thighs. Jason brought the narrow tip of his beer bottle against the immodest red silk and traced the edge along the seam of her thigh. “Now spread wider for me…show me more, Kiki.”

© Nicolette Hugo

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