The Weekend Writing Warriors  and The Nuthouse Scribblers blog and share a weekend snippet from a work in progress.

Here is mine from Exhibition

Cabaret Collage 2

The seats were filling up and the buzz of chatter and laughter competed with the music. Jason handed Grace her drawing paraphernalia just as the lights went down and a hush settled.

The sound of big band erupted with “Hey Big Spender” and the leggiest woman stalked her way into the room and towards the stage. Dressed in stilettos, fishnet stockings and g-string, she knew she was a knock-out and her top lip curled in a smile at the wolf whistles. A pattern of diamante dazzled as it burst around her nipples and belly button like exploding stars. She wore glamour like a birthright. But it didn’t stop there, she slowly seduced them as her husky voice began to weave its thrall.

© Nicolette Hugo

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