Sunday snippet from my upcoming release THE ARRANGEMENT due for release on 27th August.  I talk a little more about the book in the audio snippet..


Audio File ( seems to work best with google chrome)

“So what’s up?” We don’t normally catch up during the day, but living with him is starting to blur a number of boundaries.

“Nothing really.” He shrugs.

“You sure?”

“No. I am here for nefarious reasons,” he deadpans. “I was in the neighborhood and thought we could do a quick lunch.” He raises a bag of goodies from the David Jones Food Hall.

“Ooh, yum,” I smile.

Is there a girl in the world who can resist an impromptu picnic?

“You know, buried deep down in you somewhere is a romantic trying to get out.”

He snorts.

I lean forward. ”But just so you know, I’m a sure thing.”

“I like that about you.”

He smiles as he crooks his finger and I go on all fours and lean towards him. The kiss is surprisingly tender and sweet.

“Mr. Mason, are you going all soft on me?” I breathe the words on his lips as I stare into his eyes.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had that complaint.”

“Ooh cocky …”

“There you go again.” His eyes crinkle. “Why don’t you get your head out of my pants and tell me about the job?”


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20 thoughts on “Snippet

  1. I’m about to crash the party, because I’m probably the one girl that can resist the impromptu picnic. Lol!

    Great snippet. Love the lines, “No. I am here for nefarious reasons…” and “Why don’t you get your head out of my pants and tell me about the job?” Love the witty retorts he has.

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