Weekend Writing Warriors #8sunday


The Weekend Writing Warriors share 8 sentences over the weekend.

Here are mine from The Arrangement (working title)


“Am I really a masochist?” I whisper a question I thought I’d never ask for an answer I’m not sure I want to know.

“I hope so…you show a lot of promise.”

I pull back a little, laugh off the idea and take a sip of my Caprioska.

“You make it sound like a good thing.”

“Nellie, I’m a sadist. It is a good thing.”

“I’m a feminist.”

He laughs, the sound touching things inside me and lower down.

“Fine. Be a feminist masochist then.” Genuine amusement glints in his eyes.

God help me, wanting to amuse and please this man could get addictive.

 © Nicolette Hugo

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12 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors #8sunday

  1. It’s a nice playful excerpt and you clearly know the characters really well. That’s definitely working in your favor.

    However, as a WeWriWa moderator I have to say that I count over 8 sentences. We do need everybody to stick to 8 to keep the blog hop fair for the whole list. Thanks for understanding.


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