Every Sunday, a group of us sign up at the Nuthouse Scribblers blog and post a sexy snippet: 7 sentences from a work in progress. Here’s mine for the week from Exhibition 


Image Source: Unknown

Grace Cantrell could feel the smooth but sticky slick of body paint on her skin as a man signed his name across her breast. Blindfolded, she couldn’t see who he was, but she knew it was a man as he made small talk with his companion. She focused on the shapes trying to guess the letters, then the name, making it a game.

Splayed against the solid timber X-frame of a St. Andrew’s Cross, Grace was completely naked except for the blindfold and leather cuffs restraining her ankles and wrists. Above her head hung a sign – “Guestbook. Dom(mes) please sign in”.

Grace was the first thing that guests saw on arrival; living graffiti in a stranger’s house where the deviant danced and played.

Nicolette Hugo ©

Link to NuthouseScribblers: http://thenuthousescribblers.blogspot.com.au/p/sexy-snippets.html 

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