Every Sunday, a group of us sign up at the Nuthouse Scribblers blog and post a sexy snippet: 7 sentences from a work in progress. Here’s mine for the week from Exhibition… 


Image Source: Unknown

Grace ran a palm over his chest, following the muscled curves, trying to use the hard warmth of his body to quell any further doubts.

When he stopped, he set her down on what felt like a table. Pushing lightly against her chest, he laid her flat on her back. Grace could still hear people around them, but an audience had never bothered her, hell audience participation had never been a problem either and as he touched her the crowd faded away.

His hand slowly dragged from her chest, passing between her breasts and down to her abdomen. When he had helped her off the cross his hand had easily spanned her stomach but now the tip of a finger dipped and swirled into her belly button.

Nicolette Hugo ©

Link to NuthouseScribblers: http://thenuthousescribblers.blogspot.com.au/p/sexy-snippets.html 

29 thoughts on “#SEXYSNIPPETS

  1. This is just beautiful. Sensual and intimate. Your words are always crisp yet warm and inviting at the same time. You are a master of your craft ❤

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  2. Tantalizing snippet. Since he’s leaving her speechless from his touches, will she be able to give him the ‘safe’ word? lol Wonderful snippet.

    Liked by 1 person

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