Three digits…are better than one



The blog has reached 100 followers, which might be small in some peoples eyes, but since you stop by, you know I like things intimate…

So 100 followers seems an auspicious milestone to welcome everybody and say thank you for stopping by and reading, for liking and sharing….and for commenting because I love to get your feedback on my posts.

When I started writing I didn’t think about the reader, I just wanted to tell my stories, but the journey is richer in the sharing. In collaborating with other writers who I learn so much from and in speaking to people who read my words – together we give it life.

I have grand ideas of what I would like to do in this space. I’d love to interact with the people who take the time to stop here more….

Because pleasures of the flesh shared are much richer delights.

Love is the drug…but sex is the pusher

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