The Weekend Writing Warriors share 8 sentences over the weekend.

Here are mine (edited to fit) from Exhibition


He pulled away and it was so cold without him. Which made the contrast of what came next all the more shocking.

A stinging heat bit into her wrist and she yelped.

“No moving Kiki,” his voice was thick, husky.

He gave her a moment and then the wax dribbled down her arm again.

Grace mewed but she didn’t move. She knew this game. If you relaxed instead of trying to guess where the next drop would fall, you could somehow turn the sting into a welcome warm and lingering sensation. It blended with her own heat and burned inside her.

 © Nicolette Hugo

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19 thoughts on “#8sunday

  1. Holy crap. This scene without the visual is all kinds of hot, but…holy crap. *sticks head in the freezer* Phenomenal job!


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