One Lovely Blog Award


I have been nominated quite out the blue by the very lovely Amelia Jane for the One Lovely Blog Award

Thanks, my dear. I wholeheartedly accept. There are some rules to accepting this reward (full disclosure, it’s in my nature to break them).

Share 7 Lovely Facts about myself
Link to 15 blogs (or as many as possible) that I enjoy reading. Nominate the authors of those 15 blogs to participate and do the same, linking back to the original Lovely blog. (That would be this page.)

The keys to my secret identify…..



1: I look at a LOT of kinky pictures….as a writer I call it “research”
2: I have a fetish for shoes and corsets
3: I know who my best friends are…they don’t care that I am ALWAYS late
4: I dream of having a butterfly garden (it used to be a shark aquarium, okay I still want both)
5: It’s simple really – Vampires over werewolves, Batman over Superman & Spiderman
6: I think Kung Fu Fighting is a kick-ass song, you’ll never convince me otherwise
7: I think the sexiest things on a man are his forearms, hands, voice and a dirty mind

Blogs I”m loving…

Elsa Holland

Catherine Winther

Facebook pages currently feeding the soul…

Michael Xavier

Masculine Warrior

Beauty, Brains & Sadism

Color Me Impressed


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