The Weekend Writing Warriors share 8 sentences over the weekend.

Here are mine (edited to fit) from Exhibition


“Hey.” Logan cornered Grace on the balcony.

“Hey yourself. Good vibe tonight, Logues.”

“Living is better than dead, Gracie. You should try it.”

“Jesus Logan, why don’t you just come out and say what you think?”

He laughed. “Fuck…I can’t create if I’m always trying to filter myself now can I?”

© Nicolette Hugo

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28 thoughts on “#8sunday

  1. Whenever I’ve written something like this, or shared something with this type of tone/fluidity to someone who is a “nonreader,” they’re like what the hell are they talking about? But it makes perfect sense to me. And so does this. I love that they’re in their own world and it’s fraught with a tenseness that only a certain intimacy can create. Wonderful!

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