Dom Files - Chair 2

FACT NOT FICTION: The Dom Files is a collection written by dominant men who share their perspectives, experiences and desires…

First: I embed thoughts in your mind; images of torment, suggestions of misuse, details of how your body will be abused in order to give me pleasure, descriptions of your helplessness, your vulnerability, the sensitivity of your flesh.

Then cleansing; removal of doubt, self-conscience awareness, issues of guilt, boundaries of thought; discarded taboos.
Next is preparation; removing your freedom, your ability to choose, your ease of movement, your will to deny – freeing your being to enable it to ‘feel’.

Finally, the first subtle touch, not harsh or invasive; just a brush against your skin, and the voice in your head releases a scream, severe in intensity, penetrating deep. The scream echoes on your lips; not from fear, not from pain, not from discomfort – simply an involuntary reaction to you ability to ‘really feel’.

Now – I will show you how far you can truly travel in a world of intense sensations, beyond the basic penetration of vanilla-based sex.

Pain alone is not my goal. I impose ‘sensations’ both physically upon your body and painted within your imagination.

I want you to ‘feel’ beyond your core senses, making a cocktail of experiences, supplemented by your receptive mind, not simply felt by the most sensitive areas of your flesh.

Controlling your mind and training it to adapt to sensations (some might consider cruel) serves to broader your ability to truly feel and understand the pleasures your body can endure.

You will always be safe and protected in my care, but your boundaries are mine to address and your limits will be tested so that your submission is constantly encouraged to evolve.
Your submission is not a constant state, it is an ever changing life experience .

Note: The above article has been re-blogged with permission from the author

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