Sunday snippet from a current work in progress.  

Here is an unedited peek from Bought


“What’s the safe-word, Scarlet?”


“Good girl. It’s the perfect colour for you.” He drew his finger across her ribs as he spoke, first the left then the other. Just under the swell of her breasts. Close enough for her to notice. Close enough for her to imagine him brushing the soft underside of their swell, close enough to feel the pull of his touch in her nipples.

“Because of my hair?” Her voice became quiet, smoky.

“Hmm…that’s one reason.” His eyes followed the lazy trail of his finger circling the outside of her breast. “The other reason is my crop.”

She mewled, a sound of impatience and want.

“Soon.” He scraped a nail over her breastbone, drawing a stinging line up her centre. A promise of what was coming. “Soon, I’m going to give your breasts all my devoted attention.”

© Nicolette Hugo

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