Sunday snippet from a current work in progress.  

Here is an unedited peek from Bought


The instant Scarlet spotted the Porsche parked in the driveway the bitter taste of anger flooded her mouth. An indignant outrage that burned away the earlier sweetness of the afternoon.

Killian had always called the shots – in and out of their bed. It’d never bothered her before. In fact, it had been part of the wild attraction. She’d understood from day one, you don’t get on the roller-coaster and then try to steer.

She knew all that and still she was livid.

She stopped next to the sleek machine on the gravel stones. Bent at the knees, her panties still somewhere on Jerricho’s floor, and picked up a large jagged stone.

Her grip clenched and released as she slowly counted to ten, then twenty, before she had herself under enough control to not take the unforgiving hard edge of rock and scratch it down the petrol blue paint. Racing stripes à la feminine fury.

27 thoughts on “Snippet

  1. I got to this line “you don’t get on the roller-coaster and then try to steer.” and thought it would be my favorite of the snippet. Then I got to this one “Racing stripes à la feminine fury.” and started having an internal debate. Either way, great snippet!

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  2. Very fierce, great job of showing her emotional turmoil. I loved the line ” you don’t get on the roller-coaster and then try to steer.” but I have t agree with Aheïla about the racing stripes

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  3. You’ve showed us a lot about Killian just in these few sentences, and he’s not even on the page!

    I hope she drops the rock before she goes inside . . . no, wait. Maybe I don’t. 😀

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  4. So much emotion in this snippet. You always have some vivid pics. lol Gotta love it. Favorite line… Definitely this one…”you don’t get on the roller-coaster and then try to steer.”

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