Sunday snippet from a current work in progress. 

Here is an unedited peek from Bought


Killian reached for her and this time she didn’t bother resisting as he pulled her into his chest. He wrapped her up in his arms and placed his lips close to her ear. “I hear Lana’s back from Europe, why don’t you take her out to lunch?”

“I don’t want a friend.”

He sank his fingers into her hair at the back of her neck, grasping it tightly into a fist as if he couldn’t hold her close enough. “Call Lana. Please baby, for me.”

Hot anger flared at the futility of the conversation. Scarlet struggled against him but it only made Killian hug her tighter.

“You know what it feels like when you fight me, Scar?”

His voice was so soft, she stilled as she shook her head.

“It feels like you’ve lost all faith in me.”

Damn him.

Damn him for deliberately trying to steal her anger.

And damn him for his stupid code of honour that would prove him to be a man of his word while destroying them in the process.

“No. No…you’ve got it wrong. I’ve never lost faith in you. It’s you…” The anger choked on her tears. “You’ve lost your faith in that.”

19 thoughts on “Snippet

  1. Oh god I love the tortured tension between Scar and Killian… It’s brutal because I can feel that passion bubbling there that YOU JUST WONT LET ME HAVE… yet. Killian can tell me what to do any day.

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