Sunday snippet from a current work in progress. 

Here is an unedited peek from Bought


“Well what do we have here?”

The voice cracked like a whip and the kicking to his ribs immediately stopped.

Jerricho’s body screamed as he rolled on the floor and squinted at the door. Figures made hazy by the sunlight streaming in behind them. Or his eyes.

“Who the fuck are you?” Dado barked.

“The neighbourhood watch.”

He knew that voice but his brain was fuzzy. The dark shapes drifted closer, faces emerging out of the shadows.

“This is none of your business, man. Walk away.”

Killian shrugged. “My neighbourhood.” He glanced around the empty warehouse, his gaze travelling over the dead girl. “My business.”

29 thoughts on “Snippet

  1. Probably because it is only a small snippet, I was a little confused who was talking – hoever the visual you provided was EXCELLENT! Great job.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Chelle….I wonder sometimes when I pick snippets out of bigger pieces if they’re easy to follow…I am generally very sparse with dialogue tags…I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks and for the kind words re the visual 🙂


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