Sunday snippet from my upcoming release THE ARRANGEMENT due for release on 27th August.  I talk a little more about the book in the audio snippet..


Audio File ( seems to work best with google chrome)


“Am I really a masochist?” I whisper a question I thought I’d never ask for an answer I’m not sure I want to know.

“I hope so…you show a lot of promise.”

I pull back a little and laugh off the idea. Take a sip of my Caprioska. “You make it sound like a good thing.”

“Nellie, I’m a sadist. It is a good thing.”

“I’m a feminist.”

He laughs, the sound touching things inside me and lower down.

“Fine. Be a feminist masochist then.” Genuine amusement glints in his eyes.

God help me, wanting to amuse and please this man could get addictive.

Vincent sobers and leans forward, looks me straight in the eye. “How you fuck doesn’t change who you are.”

26 thoughts on “Snippet

  1. I love that last line, Nicolette–it’s a real eye-opener.

    I also love, “Nellie, I’m a sadist. It is a good thing.” You have to adore a sadist with a sense of humor. He seems like a great guy. 🙂


  2. I love Nell and the banter between them is just perfect. ❤ Have I told you I love your voice? Will you read me bedtime stories?

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      1. You have a wonderful way with words, I like reading your snippets every week – and that’s coming from reader who doesn’t usually read this genre 🙂 … so I’m most certain your book is going to do VERY WELL !

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