Sunday snippet from a current work in progress.  

Here is an unedited peek from Bought


Killian gave her a curt nod and went back to reading.

Scarlet studied his profile. The moody Irish in his features. The beauty of his broken nose. Everything in her ached for him.

She looked at the open whiskey bottle on the table next to him. He would keep her company, put her to bed and then drown his sorrows.

She wanted to drown in him.



Sunday snippet from a current work in progress.  For those that follow my snippets, Exhibition was sent to my publisher last week so we’re starting with a brand new story.

Here is an unedited peek from Bought


Jerricho walked over to the table and picked up the flogger, swung it with force letting the swish cut through the air so she could hear it. Hear what was coming.

He walked behind her, her legs were splayed in the hogtie, exposing, inviting. He tickled the flogger tendrils against her glistening sex.

Her whole body twitched. She would’ve jumped if she could. Instead she was hanging, suspended from the rig with no option but acceptance.

“Do you like that?”


“What does it feel like?”

She groaned as he rolled the suede strips over her sensitive flesh.

“Like velvet…like heaven.”

© Nicolette Hugo

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the ties that bind



Bondage Collage 1


“Don’t struggle, it will only get tighter if you do.”

– Jerricho Black, Bought