Sunday snippet from a current work in progress.  

Here is an unedited peek from Bought

bw masturbation pics (1)

He heard a soft moan coming from the room off the short passage and headed in that direction.

The first thing he noticed about Scarlet was how aptly she’d been named. Her red hair fanned out on the champagne coloured bed like a halo of fire. Black and pink candy-striped lingerie hugged her burlesque curves like gift-wrapping.

He gently placed his bag on the floor as he watched. The sight as unexpected as she was beautiful.

Her glossy pink lips open in a silent gasp as she rocked her hips on thrusting fingers. The silk of her panties strained against her hand as she found the right rhythm. Eyes closed, she gave no indication she had heard him enter the suite or the room.

She seemed oblivious in her abandon.

18 thoughts on “Snippet

  1. Was she supposed to wait for him or is his visit unexpected? Because I honestly wouldn’t be able to decide which scenario I’d like to read more! 😀

    Either way, it’s sure to be well written–you have an amazing amount of talent!

    Liked by 1 person

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